Adam Schorr


My story

I know how to help people tap into who they really are so they can have more fulfilling careers and lives, build more distinctive brands, and lead more engaging workplaces.

I've always hated conformity. I find it painful to see people in their lives or at work living in a closet.

In my own career I've had roles that lifted me up and helped me be my best and some that were soul crushing and made me hate life. Nobody should have their soul crushed at work. Maybe it would be ok if it led to better business outcomes. But it doesn't. It stifles creativity, causes people to play it safe, and leads to boring products, undifferentiated brands, and soulless organizations with disengaged employees. Not to mention the negative impact it has on their families, communities, and the world.

Imagine an alternate reality. What happens when people feel comfortable being fully themselves? When they are engaged in meaningful, purposeful work? When they feel a sense of belonging to a team? When they are challenged in ways that develop their skills and deepen their expertise? When they are cared about and cared for? When they are supported in their efforts to integrate work and life in healthy ways?

These people bring more energy, more passion, more creativity to their work—which enables their companies to thrive. And they bring more joy into their homes—which leads to healthier families, more stable communities, and a better world.

I started Rule No. 1 because we all have a choice. To let work suck or to fill it with authenticity, meaning, joy, and fulfillment. The choice sounds simple in theory but is incredibly challenging in practice.

And I can help.

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My purpose

To make life better by encouraging the fullest expression of everyone’s brilliance.

My beliefs

The human spirit is the most powerful force in the world

There’s almost nothing we can’t achieve together when we bring our best selves to the task. But too many of us hold back. We have to show up not just with our skills, but with our souls.

It isn’t worth it if you have to leave your soul behind

Conformity protects you from rejection but robs you of the joy of expressing yourself and deprives the world of your genius. You have a choice. Be average, bland, and tolerable to everybody, or be your unique interesting self, beloved by a few. Remember, people who please everybody, amaze nobody.

Work shouldn’t suck

It should lift your spirits, not kill your soul. When you find meaning and joy in your work, your entire life benefits. We actually know it makes you a better spouse, partner, parent, neighbor, and citizen.

The human side of business is the only side of business

Human nature doesn’t disappear when you walk into your office. Business is actually deeply human. Great organizations design for humanity, not in spite of it. Because people are people. Even at work. Crazy huh?

Purpose before profit

Profit is the byproduct of being brilliant at something that matters. Purpose is when you know what your ‘something that matters’ is. If you focus smartly on purpose, the profit will come. If you focus on profit, eventually you’ll have neither.

Culture first, brand second

The best way to be known for something is to actually be that. Marketing is not about manipulating people with clever advertising or PR stunts. It’s about really knowing who you are and what you stand for, living it in your culture, and confidently sharing it with the world.

It’s supposed to be uncomfortable

Real achievement is about reaching a new frontier. Like any transformation, this can be uncomfortable. It requires you to risk failure and rejection by making a leap without knowing how it will turn out. Embrace these moments of discomfort. They lead to greatness.

Never say ‘always’ or ‘never’

See what I did there? ‘Always’ and ‘never’ are the most dangerous words in the English language. Whatever you think must always be true, is about to be proven false. And whatever you think can never happen, will happen tomorrow.

You can change it

Great news! You don’t have to accept the way things are, or be victimized by a stupid system. Some of the biggest changes in history have happened because of one person with a dream. No matter what it says on your business card, there are actions you can take right now to be a force for positive change.