What do you do as the most established environmental organization in NYC when you’ve pioneered the iconic Union Square Greenmarket, but the few people who’ve heard of you don’t know what you stand for? Here’s how we helped GrowNYC tell their story and rally their team and board behind it.

Define who you are

We worked with the GrowNYC team to find the common thread connecting their many innovative programs and to articulate their purpose in an inspiring way.

Design your culture

We collaborated with GrowNYC’s team and board to write the story that felt authentically true to them.

Share it with the world

We designed materials that board members could use to get out in the world and tell GrowNYC’s story in a more compelling way.

Identifying a shared purpose

A 1-day workshop with a cross-section of GrowNYC’s board, senior leaders, and staff. During the workshop we explored relevant NYC trends, GrowNYC’s legacy, strengths, and who they serve, and developed a hypothesis that enabled us to write their brand narrative.

Creating a brand narrative

We wrote and designed a story of GrowNYC’s past, present, and future, that unites all of their diverse efforts in food markets, recycling, gardens, and education under the concept of helping New Yorkers flourish.

Preparing the board to tell the story

We guided the board through a process of practicing the story with family & friends to elicit feedback. With their input, we designed a narrative book, elevator pitch cards, and a wallet card to help the board tell the story for greater impact.

“Working with Rule No. 1 is like looking through those mirrors that make you look statuesque - you feel great! Their creative, inclusive process drew out of our staff the ability to clarify our organization’s value and strengths, balanced by a knowledgeable, outsider perspective. It helped us to see ourselves and articulate ourselves in a new, clearer light.”