Halogen Software

Here’s how we helped Halogen elevate their point of view, inspire their salesforce, and tell their story in the world.

Define who you are

We worked with the Halogen team to clarify their purpose and connect their story to the humanity of their work—enabling people to find more meaning and joy in their work, and therefore, to improve their performance.

Design your culture

We delivered the keynote address at Halogen’s 2017 Sales Kick Off to inspire sellers to see their role as storytellers; engaging customers through their hearts, not just through their minds.

Share it with the world

We worked alongside the Halogen team and their customers to imagine a more human way of telling their stories, through collateral and social media content that puts the focus on achieving purpose through work.

Creating a brand narrative

A 2-day workshop with a team of Halogen leaders to dig into why Halogen exists and to elevate, simplify, and humanize their story. During the workshop we developed the brand story they are now sharing in the market—in their sales decks, social media, and events.

Inspiring a new culture

What do software sellers, customers, storytelling, and dating have in common? You’ll have to watch the video to find out...

Bringing customer stories to life

We traveled across the country to spend time with the 4 customers who won Halogen’s SHINE Award. We captured their stories in photoshoots and narratives and brought them to life for presentations at Halogen’s TalentSpace Live 2017 customer conference. Halogen’s customers shared their stories on stage to demonstrate how meaningful work inspires a meaningful life, and, of course, how Halogen software supports their efforts. Our focus in this work was to shine the spotlight on the human stories.

“The Rule No. 1 team offer creative marketing strategies, content, and ideas that convey a brand message and story in a compelling, distinctive and simple manner. They’re experienced at helping clients bring that story to life in interesting and unique ways. But most importantly, they’re passionate about connecting that story to what their clients’ audiences care about.”