Solace Systems

Here’s how we helped Solace humanize their story, inspire their salesforce, and engage prospects and customers in a new way.

Define who you are

We worked with the Solace team to define and articulate their Purpose, Mission, and Values.

Design your culture

We delivered the keynote address at Solace’s 2018 Strategy Week to inspire sellers to connect in a more human way with prospects and customers—engaging hearts, not just minds.

Share it with the world

We wrote a narrative and elevator pitches for key customer personas, to help Solace take their highly complex technical story and tell it in a simple, human way.

Identifying a shared purpose

A 2 day workshop with Solace’s senior leaders to explore who Solace exists to serve, what mark they want to make on the world, and the fundamental truths that make their culture unique. During this workshop we codified their mission, values, and wrote the story that serves as the foundational for their new brand design and in-market communications.

Inspiring a new culture

What do you do if you have to sell a highly technical infrastructure product to people who don’t understand why they need it or who aren’t even aware of your product category? Ask the sales team at Solace who now understand how selling - even for technology - is all about engaging through heart.

Creating a brand narrative

We wrote and designed a compelling, human story highlighting the role that Solace technology plays in enabling the innovation that moves the world forward.

“Adam and Josette have a gift for conveying a company’s mission and purpose, and expanding them into a meaningful story. They took us through a process that was engaging, participatory, fun, and enlightening. If you have the opportunity to work with these linguistic and story-telling wizards – take it!”