Q: Should every company have a purpose?

A: Yes. I think every company actually has a purpose, it’s just that some companies don’t know it and some purposes aren’t all that great. The purpose of a purpose is to acknowledge our drive as humans to contribute to something that matters. Sure, we all need to pay our bills. But for most of us, that isn’t enough to make us as passionate as we can possibly be.

Q: How do I know what my company’s purpose is?

A: Hint: Don’t just read the fancy posters on the wall. Observe the actual behavior. Look at what is easy to do at your company and what is difficult. If that feels off to you, you may have a misalignment. Don't worry. It happens. Even cultures need a tune up every now and then.

Q: How do I know what my company’s purpose should be?

A: You hire me. But if you can’t, look at the legacy of your company and what its founder intended. Look at how the company has shown up in the world at its best. Try to find an overlap between that and something the world needs, something your customers (or some customers) will pay for, and something your workforce will get fired up about.

Q: Do you really think people should be fully themselves at work?

A: Yes. But this requires some explanation. I don’t mean you should express every thought or give in to every urge. And please, if you have to fart, take it to the bathroom. Being authentic isn’t about having no filter. It’s about having fundamental convictions and living them. How you live them, when you live them, in front of whom you live them is a choice you should make based on context. Authenticity doesn’t absolve you of the obligation to be kind, thoughtful, relevant, appropriate. You can read more about my view of authenticity here. Oh, and btw, there’s one exception to the rule about being yourself. If you’re an asshole, please be someone else.

Q: Can you design and facilitate my upcoming offsite?

A: Yes. I’d love to. Let’s talk.

Q: Do you do weddings and bar mitzvahs?

A: No. Definitely not.

Q: Will you go out on a date with me?

A: I'm flattered. And in a different world, maybe. But thankfully, I'm in an incredible relationship with a wonderful woman. So I'm going to have to pass.

Q: How about just meeting for a beer and a chat?

A: I'm always up for a great craft beer and a chat about authenticity, purpose, culture, and brands. If you're not a violent psycho, let's talk.

Q: Boxers or briefs?

A: There's really only one reasonable answer to this question: boxer briefs. If you're wearing boxers you might as well not wear any underwear at all. Which is a totally legitimate choice as many will tell you. And briefs were no longer acceptable past 1990 (you got a grace period of one year after the eighties).

Q: What's your favorite beer?

A: Oooh. That's a tough one. There are so many good ones. First, I'm a craft-beer geek. So no factory macrobrew for me. I prefer malty high-ABV stouts and porters, or barrel-aged sours. Oh yeah, and a great Trappist ale. I'm not so into IPAs but there are a few I enjoy. I divide beer (and everything else) into two categories: those made with love and those that aren't. If it's made with love, I'll drink it. And yeah, I can tell. So I don't have a favorite beer but I do have a favorite brewery. It's Dogfish Head all the way. I love their creativity, inventiveness, willingness to break the rules. I love their notion of off-centeredness. And they are Ralph Waldo Emerson lovers which is an instant hit with me. I highly recommend their Palo Santo Marron, Immort Ale, SeaQuench Ale, and Flesh & Blood IPA.

Q: Can I hire you as a speaker?

A: Yes. Wasn't that easy?

Q: Do you do modeling gigs?

A: I haven't yet, but if you have bad taste and lots of money, let's talk.